International expertise in retail property and shopping center management.

Our commitments

SCC is an independent service provider working on behalf of third parties. It serves all developers and investors to manage, enhance and commercialise their retail property.

Since 1962, we have been committed to offering you a high-quality service based on independence and transparency, with unwavering attention to quality, innovation and creativity with the obsession of results always in mind.

Since the very beginning, SCC’s approach has been characterized by its innovative take on shopping centre design and management. Only independence coupled with experience built up over time can bring totally free thinking to this type of undertaking. Proficiency in all trades allows us to complete assignments tailored to our customers' needs. SCC adapts to all requests and designs its offer with an overview and bespoke services.

Optimizing profitability per square meter is a constant combat which is at the very heart of SCC’s role: : constantly increasing the commercial return on investment (turnover/m²) in order to reinforce the sites' attractiveness. To this end, we rely on tools which enable real-time merchandising management. We also make these tools available to our clients. At SCC, profitability is an obsession and transparency a cornerstone.

500 staff in Europe and in the Middle East apply these commitments from day to day.