International expertise in retail property and shopping center management.

Rental management

SCC optimizes commercial leases in your best interests in terms of your property and strategy, by taking on all of the lessee's tasks.

SCC, the dual guarantee of optimized management and maximum profitability

A multidisciplinary team

SCC’s legal, property management and commercialization departments work together in order to offer financial and legal optimization of commercial leases.

SSCC currently manages 1623 leases representing over €125 million in pre-tax rental income.

A comprehensive and rigorous service

SCC is careful to ensure that tenants honor their contractual commitments, paying particular attention to all that contributes to the center’s good upkeep and attractiveness. The agency manages rent billing and collection as well as communications with tenants. It renews tenants' leases in line with changes to the merchandising plan.

SCC has developed a specific SAP-based ERP solution in order to optimize the collection of rent and fixed charges, and prepares regular reports that are tailored to your needs.


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Directeur d'Actifs - Directeur d'Appui
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