International expertise in retail property and shopping center management.

Delegated project management

SCC offers you planning, delegated project management and project management assistance roles.

SCC, the orchestrator of your project

Responsible guidance

SCC can offer its clients service provision contracts coupled with a general mandate to carry out studies on the site’s potential, the program’s feasibility, the operation’s setup, development and expansion projects and the remodelling or renovation of commercial real estate programmes.

SCC carries out viability studies and studies on real estate complex design, as well as managing and coordinating the various parties involved in the construction process (architect, technical study bureau, companies). SCC insists on mobilizing all of the human resources needed to complete the program, in order to guarantee that the cost, quality and deadline targets are met whilst ensuring compliance with the regulations in force.

Bespoke solutions

The roles vary greatly in size and are bespoke, depending on which skills the client requires to back up their internal resources. SCC's expertise makes it possible to develop and complete projects with partial or global approaches that meet the client’s needs perfectly.

Regular follow-up

We run regular reports on the extent to which these commitments are honored, so that the Project Owner can precisely track the smooth running of the operation.


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