International expertise in retail property and shopping center management.

Rénovation et reconversion

SCC’s pioneer status enables it to help you understand and adapt to customers' changing expectations and needs.

SCC helps you to grasp 21st century retail

Changing in order to adapt

Shopping centre renovations and conversions are strategic. Changes in customs and behaviour in our consumer societies which have now reached maturity, and competition from the Internet, call for a reinvention of the business model of the shopping centre. It is now just as much a place to frequent and stroll around as a place to shop.

Shopping centres must continuously reinvent themselves. SCC is at the forefront of this area, as we are always in touch with this phenomenon via the programmes it supervises.

SSCC lends its expertise to its clients to help them identify, design, negotiate and develop the project which will generate the best return on investment, depending on the business plan proposals and the examination of possible optimisation initiatives.


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