International expertise in retail property and shopping center management.


SCC is an independent organization on an international scale. In 2012 SCC employed 500 staff, of whom 190 in France, and delivered turnover of €50M. SCC and its executive committee stand out as astute developers and managers in the various commercial real estate trades.

Every day, SCC’s teams work to enhance the value of their clients' assets as much as possible, and to give visitors a unique experience. They work with the best architects, designers and construction companies, in order to create attractive places with optimized profitability.

SCC’s expertise in the development and operational management of commercial real estate is internationally recognized thanks to the teams' know-how in fields as varied as financial engineering, international commercialization, marketing, town planning and architecture.

This means that SCC provides the best return on investment for its clients, whether they are retail brands or financial institutions

To join SCC is to join an independent team with a pioneering mindset,recognized for its experience and know-how for the last 50 years.


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